Building Sustainable Relationships.

We help brands intelligently engage with today’s dynamic hyper-connected consumers, by coordinating seamless and strategic interactions across all channels.

Create. Involve. Discuss. Measure. Optimize.

In order to create lasting bonds, it is vital we learn where our audience is headed and how we can meet them there. Insights become opportunities, opportunities evolve into ideas, and ideas are constructed into reality and integrated across numerous brand touch points. We are able to precisely plan and execute superior brand experiences that deepen customer loyalty, strengthen brand awareness and maximize profits.

Strategy & Awareness Planning. 

All brands large and small alike need to implement a plan that will sweep consumers off their feet. By monitoring and listening to our audience’s communities, we learn how to “talk the talk” and behave as they do. There, we learn how they engage with our clients’ and competitors’ alike. This enables us to determine insights about their culture. We then devise an action plan that is established in reality.


Connected Experiences.

We conceive integrated experiences and open verticals for discussions that keep consumers connected to brands. We develop organic platforms, campaigns and ecosystems that support brands to become a desirable part of their audience’s daily lives.


Insights & Optimization. 

To ensure effectiveness across numerous brand touch points, we test, target, monitor and measure our work. Through consistent analyzation of consumer behavior, discussion and feedback, your next generation products and service advancements will better meet consumer’s needs.


Product Development. 

A product is not just something you own, it plays a vital role in a deeper ownership ecosystem across verticals and communities. We believe in the strategic integration of product development and marketing. Every brand’s touchpoint is an opportunity to obtain feedback and insights. Enabling consumers to become collaborators in brands future product advancements, bringing to light new monetization opportunities. For consumers of today it’s not just what you’re buying, it’s the lifestyle that you’re buying into.


Service Offerings


Consumer Insight & Targeting

Behavioral, mobile, social, lifestyle, search, demographic data. Addressable audiences. Analytics.

Cross-Channel Marketing

  • Ongoing SEO/submissions
  • SEM Campaign Management
  • Social Media Campaign Management
  • Social Media Customer Relationship Management
  • Online Brand Reputation Management
  • Blog Development/Updates
  • Creative Design
  • Branding Initiatives
  • Content Editing
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Email Newsletter Campaign Management
  • Professional Content Writing

*There are some specific exceptions to the scope covered under our monthly retainer packages. These exceptions can be handled by Cotter The Creative, however, payment for which is in addition to monthly retainer packages. Specific exceptions contain:

  • Media Buys
  • SEM Fees
  • Print Production
  • Email Distribution
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Exhibition Fees (trade shows, events, etc.)
  • Fulfillment Costs (mailing, shipping, etc.)
  • Domain Name/Hosting fees
  • Rate estimations for exceptions will be available upon request.