Hey, I’m Workin’ Here!

Hello! My name is Dylan Thomas Cotter. I created this blog with the intention of sharing my marketing knowledge and case-studies to assist those who are unable to afford to contract my services in addition to curating other helpful marketing resources I have found along the way. Whether you’re a “one-man band” on a budget, a CMO at a bootstrapped start-up or even perhaps a blue blooded big-time corporate executive overseeing enterprise communications trying to keep up with what the kids are using these days, there’s something of value here for you!

From algorithm approaches to software reviews, helpful marketing industry listicles, recommended apps to track behavior, etc. – you have located your new absolute favorite secret weapon when it comes to marketing.. me!

Before We Get The Party Started.

It is important to note is that in terms of case studies presented within, while going off of either my own personal results or others’, the amount of your own potential personal success will also be dependent upon how well you have studied YOUR OWN online demographics and their behavioral patterns. To best manage expectations, understand that in social media as in marketing in general there is no “one-size fits all” type formulaic solution or road to success. All audiences are special and therefore the implementation of following these guidelines, studying your results and then evolving your own tactics accordingly is key to your developmental and continued success of your overall marketing mix.

Managing Great Expectations.

I will forever refer to the triangle.

Pick Two:

Good and Fast = Won’t Be Cheap.

Fast and Cheap = Won’t Be Good.

Cheap and Good = Won’t Be Fast.

You Ask:

WTH Dylan? This is a blog.

You are correct! In saying so, this still applies. It is a FREE blog, meaning it’s CHEAP and it’s GOOD! While you are welcome to submit questions for article response topics via email to: be advised that they will not be answered FAST unless of course you are a client. However, I can say I will do my best to answer as my schedule allows.