If you’re looking to humanize your brand – Dylan Thomas Cotter is your man! Cotter has had the pleasure of previously holding in-house creative marketing management positions for, North America’s largest motion picture lighting manufacturer, the world’s leading motion picture lighting and grip equipment rental chain, the world’s leading wholesale entertainment industry production expendables supplier and an entertainment industry career SaaS start-up.

Dylan is happy to provide consulting for a popular social media themed series on Amazon. He has also had the pleasure of working on a social media campaign for an arts education augmented reality app that was featured by Apple in 2018. Cotter has also provided social media consultation services for a number of well known entertainment professionals.

With well over a decade of leading in-house corporate, start-up and small business teams in the areas of strategy, brand management, marketing, public relations, development, design, film production and technology Dylan Thomas Cotter has the knowledge, drive and focus to cultivate, engage and sustain positive brand followings.

FUN FACTS: He recently formulated a successful strategy that has since consistently cracked Instagram’s hashtag search algorithm without the use of paid advertising! Inevitably when the algorithm changes (as all do) – he’ll be on top of it again!

Dylan’s marketing blog and app (for iOS and Android) is slated to release in the Summer of 2018.